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2 juin 2020




Singer / Songwriter / Composer / Director / Producer / DJ

Born in Montreal on January 26th, 1962, this versatile self-taught artist picked up the guitar at the age of eight. By the time she was twelve she was already performing top-40 repertoire in the local bars. In 1980 she recorded two albums, “Le Maraudeur” and “Térapi Primal” with her punk rock band Térapi who went on to open for major artists such as Nina Hagen, Gang of Four, The Fixx and Rough Trade. She was later invited to join Michael Lemieux on his 1988 “Mutation” world tour.


Fast forward to 1989, Frankline won the Musique Plus People’s Choice award (as part of their Rock Envol series) for her song Rock’N’Roll Girl, recorded and performed with her own band Frankline et les Fleurs Sauvages. Shortly after, in 1992 she directed and produced two videos, Rock’N’Roll Girl and Prends une Chance avec Moi from the self-titled album Frankline et les Fleurs Sauvages. Six of the tracks from the album were broadcast across Canada and distributed in Europe by Warner Brothers France.


In 2007 Franklyne produced and directed yet another album Nouveau Scénario featuring twelve new songs with a departure from her usual edgy rock style. The album incorporated a variation of styles including some waltz, cha-cha, samba, rumba, love ballads, reggae and country.  With the album release in October of 2007 Franklyne was invited to play a string of concerts at the famous UU Theatre in Provincetown USA where she was featured on the cover of Banner, a popular local news publication. This was soon followed up with several other concert appearances in various venues across Canada including Vancouver’s Gabrielle Roy Theatre (Surrey B.C.) and Montreal’s own Place des Arts to name a few. She would later appear as a guest on Patrick Norman’s show “Pour L’Amour du Country” in 2010 (New Brunswick).


As a lifelong aficionado of folk & country music Franlyne decided it was time to record and produce her first country album in 2015 titled Country Junky, featuring twelve tracks all written and arranged by the former blond rocker. Five of the tracks (Country Junky, I Love U, Je Prends la Route, La Valse du Plateau and Avant de Partir) made their way to the Quebec radio airwaves as well as earning some well-deserved positions on the digital charts.


Franklyne has since won 2nd place in the Stingray Rising Stars competition in the *country pop/folk singer/songwriter category at the last edition of the Festival Wester de St-Tite, an event that takes place annually. While performing her title track Country Junkie before a packed audience, this blond powerhouse managed to mesmerize the judges with her infectious rhythms and unique brand of dynamic energy on stage. 



UNE SHOT DE FORT // Franklyne

Une Shot De Fort

Une Shot De Fort

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COUNTRY JUNKY // Franklyne